About Us

We would like to officially introduce you to Trilogy Outdoors Media and tell you a little about our team and the families behind this new venture. Senator Stephen Goldfinch approached me back in the summer of 2021 with the interest in getting involved in the promotion of the outdoors and creating a business plan to have several platforms to do that on. We had tossed several different ideas around when we decided to approach Mrs. Diane Dale of Dale Publishing about purchasing Waccamaw Outdoors. Mrs. Diane had done such a great job with Waccamaw Outdoors and this was a great opportunity to get involved with something and take off running. This publication is a monthly hit in our area with over 10 thousand readers and we hope to expand the reach exponentially over the next few years.

Senator Stephen Goldfinch is an accomplished writer and I have been published locally, regionally, and nationally with another outdoor publication. We were excited that Diane saw enough in our interest of the magazine to turn her incredible publication over to us and we have some great plans to increase the readers experience and yet continue offering our readers the same great editorials. Stephen is an accomplished diver as well as fishermen and has hunted all over the world and will bring an incredible aspect to improving the content and keeping your interest in the magazine for years to come. Stephen is a Conway native and spent most of his life in the woods or on and under the water. Stephen and his wife Renee live in Murrells Inlet along with their children, Hadlee(8), and Tripp(4). Stephen makes it his priority when balancing his time on the floor of the senate in Columbia as well as his weekends with the Army Reserve to get his children outdoors and promote the enjoyment and excitement that fishing and hunting bring. As a senator Stephen has become well known and respected for his incredible knowledge of the outdoors and the resources by his fellow members in the senate and he is regarded as one of the most influential senators in anything that pertains to the resources here in South Carolina. Stephen had continually referred to fins, fur, and feathers when discussing the outdoors and resources here and it was the basis of Trilogy Outdoors and how our group chose this to be our business basis.

I am Englis Glover and I have been in this area for over 25 years now but was born and raised in Lake City, SC. I created and hosted a television show, Reelin Up The Coast, and currently host The Southern Anglers Radio Show on The Gator 107.9 on Saturday mornings. I also cover the Carolinas fishing reports weekly on a national outdoor television show, Let’s Fish TV, available on Bally’s networks across the country. I have had a passion for the outdoors and while I have not done the world traveling in pursuit of game like my partner has, I love every second spent on the water or in the woods here in South Carolina. My wife, Kimi Glover and I have two children also, Kinsley(8) and Russ(4) and I do spend as much time on the water with them as possible with their busy schedules. We actually had many days together in Mother Natures classroom during the closure of schools in the early days of COVID. We live in Murrells Inlet also and are blessed to get to call this area our home.

At Trilogy Outdoors Media we are going to do our best to not only share experiences outdoors but we think it is important to also share how to do it. This website will help you with everything from finding what to do, how to do it, what to do it with, and how to cook your harvest from fish to wild game. We have launched a podcast, Trilogy Outdoors, and have lined up an incredible line up of guests from the likes of Jim Shockey, Ted Nugent, Ben Moise, and many more. These hour long podcasts will dive into everything and anything pertaining to the outdoors. We have been blessed to get such a warm reception and continue to line up great guests to keep you entertained for an hour of your week. Great Partners are the only way any of this works and we have been blessed to partner with RealTree and BlueGreen Vacations at this point with more announced in the near future. I have always lived by an open door policy and that will continue moving forward and all my contact info is right here on this website if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. Our other platform in our Trilogy is broadcast radio. Southern Anglers Radio has been on the air here for 7 years now and we look forward to continuing to entertain and educate with the very latest in fishing reports along the Grand Strand and beyond. You can listen in on Saturday mornings from 8am to 10am on The Gator 107.9 and the iHeart media app as well.

If you or your business would like to come on board with our incredible list of partners you can reach out to me and set up an appointment to sit down and discuss how we can promote your product or service to the biggest group of outdoorsmen and women around. We would like to thank all of the partners and writers of Waccamaw Outdoors for the opportunity to work with you and we hope that you will get as excited as we are about the future for Trilogy Outdoors Media and it’s brands.