Early Spring Freshwater Report

The rivers along the Grand Strand have been at a great level for some time now and the fishing is on fire. Panfish such as Bream and Shellcrackers can be found in the backs of creeks off the main river and are going to be concentrated on structure for the next month or so. Crickets, worms, and artificial baits will produce some great numbers for next several months as each full moon will bring the fish to the spawning areas.

Bass are starting to move up and off of the beds and now is the time to catch that big girl feeding before or after she lays those eggs. Bed fishing can be great and use any artificial that will get that fish just mad enough to protect those frye and to jump on your line. You can find plenty of fish at the entrance areas to the spawning grounds and working a crank bait, spinner, or a worm will out plenty of bend in the end of your rod. Don’t over look the ricefields right now as many fish try to get in their to spawn and the many ditches leading in can be full of both males and female waiting to move up.

Catfish are going to be best at night and live baits and cut eels will produce on most limbs that are located near some good bottom structure that will be holding bream and other panfish. The bite with rod n reels may not be the best right now but heading into the areas around the rice fields with shrimp and worms can put a nice cooler full of dinner in the boat.

Crappie are going to be found on top of structure in 6 to 15ft of water and trolling beetle spins right now can help you locate the numbers. Switch to live bait after that and get some crappie minnows down on jigs to produce the best numbers along the Waccamaw River.