Early Spring Saltwater Report


Look for the flounder numbers to start increasing over the next couple weeks as waters start to warm up and watch for the “snot” grass to start floating finally. Concentrate on areas that the water will warm quicker and that will have warm water flowing through during the tide changes. Mud Minnows and artificial baits such as Vuduu Shrimp and various plastic baits on jig heads like the Organized Chaos jigs will entice all the bites you want right now. Also, look for schools of reds in these same locations as they start to move out of the backs of the estuaries looking for a meal. Fresh or frozen shrimp as well as quartered blue crabs are great baits right now and will entice the nose of a hungry red or black drum. In Little River area right now the Speckled Trout are concentrated in the ICW and live shrimp under a cork can land you in a very active bite when you find these large schools of fish located along the banks and around structure.


Its time to head to the nearshore reefs with your fiddlers and fresh shrimp to get in on the incredible bite right now of Black Drum and Sheepshead. Target structure in the 35 to 45ft depth and be prepared to move around until you locate these fish in very large numbers up through April. Also, be sure to have your #1 planers rigged and ready with Clark and Drone spoons to get the kids in on the excitement as the first run of the blues and Spanish Mackerel start to show up on the reefs as well. Try to keep your speed between 4 and 5mph for the best results and get ready to do a lot of work filling up the coolers.


The winds have been harsh to say the least, but the catches are great of Blackfin Tuna and Wahoo for those that make it to the break. Be sure to get a surface temp report and go find the warmest water near the break for the best results. High Speed for the wahoo has been exceptional and producing large fish as well as the best numbers. Be sure to try small baits and fluoro for your best chance at tuna this time of the year.